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Welcome to Happy Jam. HappyJam.com is the place to find tasty jam recipes. We have all kinds of jam and marmalade recipes; orange, strawberry, blueberry, apricot, cherry, chilli and onion jam recipes.

Everyone loves sweet jams and marmalade. From kids to grandmothers, jam is enjoyed from breakfast time to dinner, spread on toast or pancakes, to tasty dinner desserts. Start making your own jam using our tasty jam recipes.

We tell you everything you need to know about how to make your own jam. Imagine warm English scones with your own fresh homemade jam, or beautiful jars of jam to give as a gift to your loved ones. Spread happiness by making happy jam!

Making your own jam is very easy. The two core ingredients used in jam are fruit and sugar.

Experiment with jam recipes by using different fruit, or even other foods such as chillies or onions.

The only factor you need to consider when choosing the fruit for jam is that it must have sufficient quantities of pectin, acid and sugar.

If the fruit doesn’t have enough of these elements, then your jam will become too runny and your jam will not set.

The traditional fruits commonly used in orange jam, apricot jam, cherry jam, blueberry jam and strawberry jam all contain enough amounts of pectin, acid and sugar in them to make delicious jams. Experience, enjoy and start making happy jam for your family and friends!

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